XVR logoThe VR3Lib was integrated in XVR (eXtreme Virtual Reality), a complex virtual reality application development framework providing support for many more functionalities than just 3D graphics and physical simulation. The integration of the VR3Lib library as the new XVR core module produced a new version of the XVR framework, named XVR3. 

XVR powered systems

XVR uses a very simple scripting language to build interactive virtual scenes, the S3D language. All functions available in the VR3Lib library were made easily accessible using the S3D language. The XVR3 framework is the new version of the XVR framework produced and currently used at PERCRO (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy).

XVR logo

I developed the first version of XVR3 as part of my task concerning integration of the VR3Lib in the existing technology.

More information about the XVR project and its applications can be found on the following websites: