A VR3Lib application screenshot

The VR3Lib is a real-time rendering and physical simulation library designed to build realistic interactive virtual reality applications. It is based on the OpenGL graphics system (from version 3.3 up) and uses the Nvidia PhysX simulation engine to handle all physics related computations. It also gives easy to use built-in access to many advanced shader-based rendering techniques such as soft shadowing (using Exponential Variance Shadow Mapping, EVSM) and environment mapping (an efficient technique to achieve realistic Image-Based Lighting, IBL).

The library has been developed as part of the XVR project, but this distribution is designed to be used as a C++ standalone virtual reality library. Please refer to the following websites to read more about the XVR project:

A VR3Lib application screenshot

I developed the first version of the library during my thesis period at the end of the master's degree program in computer engineering at University of Pisa. More changes have been introduced up until now and currently the VR3Lib is being integrated in the XVR virtual reality applications development environment. The XVR project is currently mantained by VRMedia Srl in cooperation with the PERCRO lab (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy).

The VR3Lib is distributed in its static library precompiled version and may be used to build interactive virtual reality applications in the C++ programming language. The library is protected by the GNU Lesser General Public License and may therefore be used free of charge to build both free and proprietary applications. Nevertheless, it should be clearly stated that this library is used in the application EULA and distribution license.

A VR3Lib application screenshot

This page contains all the needed resources to start developing VR3Lib powered virtual reality applications (such as games). The library uses the XVR AAM file format to load meshes and materials data, a 3ds Max AAM exportation plugin is available for download on this page. A direct link to the online documentation is also provided, and a demo pack is available containing 3 executable demos and a ready to use visual studio 2010 solution.

The Microsoft Windows operating system is required for this library version to work, future extensions may add support for unix-like operating systems. Before running the demos and editing their source code, make sure your graphics card and driver support OpenGL version 3.3 or above. If OpenGL 3.3 is not supported, the demos will fail to start without any explicit user notification. 


 VR3Lib pack 
 VR3Lib pack with demos 
 3ds Max AAM exporter 
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