Mechanuga is the name of a forklift simulator based on the XVR3 framework. This is actually the first project at PERCRO that used the new version of XVR (featuring the new VR3Lib engine). 

Moog Stewart platformThe simulator is designed for training of dock workers and is built using a true forklift truck body (chassis) mounted upon a 6DOF mobile platform. Active stereo screens are placed in front of the user and behind him. The physical simulation of the forklift happens inside XVR, using the VR3Lib built-in simulation capabilities, and the resulting accelerations are simulated using the 6DOF platform.

The objective of the simulation is the loading and unloading of pallets from trucks and shelves, without destroying the goods and without overturning.

My role in the project was the development of the software subsystem responsible for the physical simulation and 3D visualization. This subsystem was built using the XVR3 framework. 

Mechanuga 1
Mechanuga 2

The project was not finished yet when I left the laboratory, it was completed afterwards.